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Olympus LS-P5 Linear PCM Digital Recorder

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$15.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

The OM System LS-P5 PCM recorder provides exceptional recording quality of the original sounds of a wide variety of scenes including, music, video production, business meetings, and conferences. Additionally, the LS-P5 offers professional filmmakers, YouTube enthusiasts, musicians, students, and journalists the sound quality and versatility that the LS Series of audio recorders is renowned for.
This compact linear PCM recorder is equipped with three microphones featuring high quality sound and high sound pressure resistance. The new TRESMIC II microphone system is capable of directional control for superior recording of original sounds from low to high frequency ranges.
Additional Features
  • Bluetooth Monitoring & Control: Capture audio from a distance, untethered by cables.
  • An Audio System: Not just a recorder. An ecosystem for audio capture.
  • Next Generation Sound Quality: Sound with Big Impact. Made possible by the new and unique microphone system.
  • Size & Connectivity: A body that doesn’t weigh you down. No matter how you record, you need the right connections.
  • TRESMIC II Directional Control
  • 96 kHz/24-bit, Linear PCM Recording Quality
  • Bluetooth® Enabled
  • 125dB SPL Directional Microphones
  • Intelligent Auto, Manual and Smart Recording Modes
  • Small Size - Big Sound
  • 16GB Built in Memory (+ MicroSD)
  • Up to 37 Hours Battery Life
  • Microphone and Headphone Connection
Microphones offering balanced audio recording from low to high frequencies

The microphones on the LS-P5 can record high quality sound across a wide range of frequencies from low to high, capturing even delicate sounds exactly as they should be.
Zoom Microphone function with directional control

Inputs from three microphones can be mixed to change the directionality while maintaining audio quality. Some people use different directional microphones to record different audio depending on the distance from the sound source or to incorporate ambient sounds but the LS-P5 covers all of these areas in a single unit. Directionality can be set in 21 levels. Choose the optimal settings depending on what you want to record, from birdsong to lectures. The audio recording level is automatically adjusted according to the zoom microphone.
Distortion-free recording even with loud inputs

This recorder features sound pressure resistance levels up to 125 dB SPL, making it possible to faithfully record distortion-free sound sources across a wide dynamic range, from aeroplanes to loud musical performances and even classical music.
Compact, high-performance linear PCM recorder

Despite the large, high-performance microphones and two batteries, the recorder features a compact design measuring 39.6 x 112.2 x 16.1 mm, and weighing approximately 78 g (including batteries). This high-performance linear PCM audio recorder is highly versatile, and can be attached to a tripod or camera and used for business situations.
96 kHz / 24 bit, linear PCM recording quality

The recorder supports a maximum sampling frequency of 96 kHz and linear PCM high resolution recording at a quantization bit rate of up to 24 bits (three times the information on a CD). Enjoy high-quality audio recording that exceeds CDs. This recorder is perfect for recording music and video as original sound sources. It also supports lossless compression FLAC format for retaining high quality sound while keeping the file size small.
Manual recording level settings
You can also manually adjust the recording level to record at the optimal S/N ratio according to the volume of the source sound. Adjusting the recording level manually enables the limiter feature to keep the sound below a certain level. The recording level can also be fine-tuned while checking the recording level meter on the LCD and the peak display indicator.
Supports long recording times

In addition to the large-capacity 16 GB internal memory, you can also use a microSDXC card so you don't have to worry about running out of space.
Remote control from smartphones

You can also remotely operate the recorder, including recording and playback controls using the DVR.Remote (iOS/Android) smartphone app. Place the LS-P5 in the optimal place for the sound source and control it from your smartphone. With this feature, you don't have to bother going over to the LS-P5 to start and stop recording. It is convenient in many different situations from recording musical performances to business meetings, press conferences and wild birds.You can start and stop recording on the LS-P5 and remotely adjust the recording level during recording. You can also remotely play back recorded audio, leaving the LS-P5 as a microphone in a certain location and check playback using a speaker connected wirelessly. Communication distance between DVR.Remote app and device. Communication Distanceļ¼šLine of sight approx.10 m*(max.)
Remote control via Bluetooth DVR.Remote

In addition to recording and playback, the main LS-P5 operations can be controlled remotely via the smartphone app, including recording settings, waveform display during recording and changing folder and file names.
Recording status monitoring

While recording, you can view recording level monitoring, elapsed recording time, remaining memory (available recording time) and the set recording level in a list. The LS-P5 battery level is also displayed. You can also monitor recording via Bluetooth earphones when connected with DVR.Remote.
Remotely configure recording settings

Various settings on the LS-P5, such as the recording level, can be configured on a smartphone.
Convenient function for playback

You can add an index, marking important parts or other sections that you want to review.
Edit folder and file names

You can use DVR.Remote to set whatever folder or file name you like. Frequently used names are available so you can simply select the best name for your folder. You can also register names that are not found in presets.
Wireless earphone and speaker connection
With Bluetooth earphones, you can wirelessly check audio (REC monitor) during recording and listen to recorded audio or imported audio files.
*REC monitor is not supported via Bluetooth for 24-bit audio recording.
Various audio recording features for use in diverse situations

Various recording functions are provided, including a function that makes it easy to make optimal settings simply by selecting the use scene.
Bright sound, optimal for audio recording

This function is convenient for making clear recordings of people's voices, such as in conferences, lectures, or meetings. Recording with elevated mid to high-range levels makes it possible to capture audio while minimizing the effects of ambient sounds.
SMART mode enables automatic recording level adjustment

This function automatically sets the optimal recording level for the recording environment and sound source by performing a rehearsal and monitoring the situation. This feature is convenient for recording music and video sound sources.
Pre-recording ensures that you won't miss anything

The Pre-recording function starts recording two seconds before you press the REC button. Never miss the perfect time in important situations. With this function, you won't miss opportunities to record birdsong or conferences due to control lag. The recorder can also be operated via the DVR.Remote smartphone app.
Intelligent Auto Mode – Does the adjusting for you

To make listening to your audio recordings more comfortable, Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts the recording level to match the sound source’s volume. When a speaker is talking loudly, the recorder reduces the input Level. and for soft voices, the recorder increases the input level. In this way, the function automatically keeps track of the input level and simultaneously adjusts the recording level so that it always records at the best quality, providing an even level of volume.
2-Mic Noise Cancellation for recording in noisy environments

2-Mic Noise Cancellation effectively suppresses ambient peripheral noise to create a clear recording of your voice. Select the ‘Noisy Situation’ recording scene and bring one of the microphones close to your mouth. By recording with one microphone closer to your mouth, the recorder detects the difference in input levels between environmental noise at a distance from one microphone and your closer proximity voice received at the other microphone. In this way, the recorder can suppress environmental noise when recording in noisy environments.
Slate Tone convenient for video sound source recording

You can send and record a reference signal (Slate Tone) to the LS-P5 and your digital camera audio data for easier editing. With OM Workspace, audio recorded on the camera and the LS-P5 can easily be swapped.
Test Tone convenient for adjusting camera recording levels

This feature is convenient when using the compact, high-performance LS-P5 as a microphone for video recording. Setting the camera audio recording level in conjunction with the Test Tone sent by the LS-P5 makes it easy to record at the optimal level.
Overdub your recordings and music to create something unique

You can monitor instrumental or other music data using earphones (or headphones) while recording and layering an original performance or song. When enjoyed for personal use, CDs and other commercially available music can be used for karaoke. You can also use recordings of city noise, the sounds of trains, birds, etc., in combination with other audio in post-dubbing. Use the recorder to inspire creativity in music and video production.
Voice Balancer ensures everyone can be heard

The voice balancer automatically makes smaller voices louder when voices are at different volume levels due to distance and physical relationship to the recorder. It ensures that louder voices stay below a given level, providing playback where everyone is audible. This comes in handy when recording sound sources from multiple positions, such as a large meeting or conference.
The voice filter function operates simultaneously and reduces the prominent noise produced when amplifying small sounds. By eliminating the lower and higher frequencies during playback, any recorded voice is further enhanced.
Normalization – Maximized volume for easier listening

The LS-P5 includes a Normalization function that operates within the recorder without computer software. This function raises the volume of recorded data to its highest limit without causing distortion. So even when the recording level is too low, it can be raised to a decent level. Normally, when raising the recording level to capture quiet sounds, the resulting audio may become distorted or when making adjustments to avoid this distortion, the recording may be too quiet. The volume is maximised with the Normalisation function while maintaining recording quality during playback. Available to record a normalized file as a new file.
Noise Cancellation for clear playback quality

The Noise Cancellation function ensures clear playback by powerfully reducing unwanted continuous ambient noise such as air-conditioner noise or projector fan noise found in busy offices or noisy meeting rooms. This function is very effective when playing back recording files.
Efficient Voice Playback – Hear only what you need

Using the Voice Playback function allows you to skip non-voice parts during playback and only play parts of the file where there is speech to save time and improve playback during transcription. Additionally, by selecting ‘Record and Extract at Once’, the parts which contain voice will be extracted during recording, so the Voice Playback function will be ready to use as soon as the recording finishes.
File Divide makes it simple to handle longer files
Recordings of long meetings with many topics or audio files that are too big to send via email can be divided on the recorder without having to use a computer. This makes it easier to manage files according to the content or divide files into a smaller size to send via email.
Trimming function - Songs trimmed to perfection

The Trimming function allows you to remove the unnecessary start and finish of recordings directly on the recorder – such as the time taken to ready the instrument after pushing the REC button or the time taken to press the stop button when you’ve finished playing. LS-P5 also has a Partial Erase function, and It is useful for recording several songs continuously and allows you to select and cut out the unwanted space between songs.
Find your recordings fast with Calendar Search
With this handy function, your saved recordings are automatically marked with the date and displayed in a calendar format. Because the files are displayed in this format, you can easily find the file you are looking for by the date it was recorded.
Various features that make it easier to find playback files

In addition to creating folders, you can add names such as "Conference" or "Lecture" to recording folders to make files easier to find. You can change folder and file names to whatever you like using the DVR.Remote smartphone app. There is also an Intro Playback function which allows you to play back just the intro, making it easy to find the file you’re looking for.
Fade-in / Fade-out for smooth track transition
This feature gradually increases the sound volume from the first second of the sound source and reduces volume over the last second. This links songs naturally when recording live sound and helps eliminate unnatural clicking sounds to produce a smooth transition between tracks.
Package Contents
  • LS-P5 Digital Recorder
  • USB cable (A-microB)
  • Ni-MH batteries

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