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Typewriter Service Department

Rees Electronics located in 2140 Westwood Blvd, Suite 224, in Los Angeles

Rees Electronics Typewriter Service Center


In House Service for All Makes and Models

IBM, Underwood, Olivetti, Royal, Olympia, Adler, Smith Corona, Nakajima, Canon, Brother

  • Vintage Options Available
  • Vintage about 1920 and up – Best classic look with metal keys and mostly black
  • Vintage 1940 to 1960
  • Vintage 1960 to 1980 – Best performing for the active users! Adler, Olympia, Olivetti

We offer the most comprehensive assortment of Brand New and Factory Reconditioned typewriters. Choose from personal, home office or heavy-duty office model typewriters.

Largest Vintage Typewriter Selection in West LA

rees-typewriter-inventory.pngTest Typing Welcome

Free Advice, Ribbon and 90 Days Guarantee


Multiple carriage widths are available as well as choices of typewriters with displays, memory storage, form typing, spell-checks and different print speeds. Genuine OEM supplies, and the original Manufacturers Warranty are included with each typewriter purchase.

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Sales and Compare Side by Side, Sold with Guarantee

Typewriter Selection

A. Vintage Options Available

B. Portable to Desktop

C. Portable Electric to Mid-Size or Office Electric

D. Film or Ribbon

E. Type-bar, Ball, Printwheel or Print Thermo-head

F. All brands: IBM, Underwood, Olivetti, Royal, Olympia, Adler, Smith Corona, Nakajima, Canon, and Brother


"Vintage Typewriters on Display"

ibm-personal-wheelwriter.jpg ibm-wheelwriter-10.jpg olivetti-l32-m.jpg

We Have Most Typewriter Ribbons in Stock

  • Typewriter Nylon
  • Spool
  • Olivetti
  • Olympia
  • SCM
  • Royal 
  • Underwood

Typewriter Rubbons in Deffirent Colors

  • Black with White out on ONE ribbon $12.95 ea.
  • Black Nylon $8.95 ea.
  • Black & Red ribbon $8.95 ea.
  • Color Ribbons: Green, Blue and Brown $9.95 ea.


Rees Electronics & Office Products Inc.

2140 Westwood Blvd, # 224
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(1/2 Block North-East of Olympic Blvd.)

Email: rees@reeselectronics.com

Website: StarTypewriters.com

typewriter service

typewriter service

Cash for your Typewriter (Clunkers)

Give us a call: 877.219.1450