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Olympus Boundry Microphone ME33



Olympus Boundry Microphone ME33




• Conference microphone.
• Reduces air conditioning noise and high-pass noise, and achieves an optimal recording frequency for conferences and meetings.
• Batteryless plug-in-power system.
• Connect up to 6 microphones" to record in large conference halls.

* When using an Olympus IC recorder compliant with Stereo
microphone jack specifications, up to 3 microphones can be
connected to each channel (L channel and R channel).
When using a monaural microphone jack, up to 3
microphones can be connected. Connecting more than 3
microphones may result in loss of recordings, considerable
loss of sensitivity and S/N. When combined with third-party
products, the number of microphones that can be connected
is not guaranteed.